Sparks of Divinity

Sari's Notes
Herenton and Back Again

(Apologies for the lack of detail for the first few sessions; I wasn’t keeping track early on. If someone remembers the details, let me know and I’ll be happy to edit my post. Also note: unless the commentary is in parentheses, it’s all Sari talking. So don’t get mad at me, get mad at her.)


Pelilessil, a ranger, and Kargron, a druid, both have merchant booths in town. I play nightly at the local tavern. The three of us were invited to dinner by one of the town leaders in order to hire us to investigate a mine to the southeast of town. For some reason, the mine has stopped making deliveries to Herenton. We left the next morning.

On the way to the mine, we encountered a group of …kobolds? and dealt with them.

At the Mine


At the entrance to the mine, we met Grobin, a fighter, who was fighting off kobolds and looking a bit worse for wear. We dispatched the kobolds and entered the mine.

Mine Level 1

The group, now including Grobin, entered the mine. While on this level, we came across a room which contained the mine’s activity log, as well as the body of the mine’s foreman, who appeared to have hanged himself. We also fought off a suspicious character who disappeared down a tunnel.

Mine Level 2

We followed said character into the tunnel and lost him. On this level we ran into Illiana, a cleric, who was much the worse for wear.

Mine Level 3

We continued further into the mine and fought some kind of lizard thing and its minions. It was a moderately tough fight, and this group obviously needs more practice with group fighting. I believe this is around the point the cleric obtained a greatsword which looks like it has been dedicated to Bane.

This whole area looks like a base for the minions of Bane. There’s some kind of architecture in the middle of the room. In the southeast corner of the room, there’s a statue of a dragon that fried the cleric when she got too close. The cleric survived, but I have my doubts as to whether this will make her more cautious in the future.

Mine Level 4

As we progressed further into the mine, we encountered undead, and handled the initial portion of the fight well, but things took a turn for the worse. There was some kind of ghost woman who bled “dust” when attacked and she incapacitated both myself and the cleric. (Kala’s note – the wording I have here is “creepy ghost lady,” but that’s not a description Sari would use.) Additionally, a ghoul paralyzed the fighter. Clearly, if this group stays together after our outing in the mines, we will need to learn how to handle undead better.

The walls are polished, with what appears to be some kind of laboratory. There is some artwork in the back of the room near ghost lady. Much of the older artwork is of Baal with a more recent painting of Bane’s holy symbol. There are also half sculpted statues of Bane.

Mine Level 5

The walls are a bit nicer on the this level. The layout seems to be more symmetrical. There’s obviously been some combat. Some of the walls have cloth banners dedicated to Bane. There are also some odd green orbs giving off light, as well as some glowing, bubbly pools.

There’s a strange drow tiefling(?) down here, who says he’s overwhelmed by the forces in the main room. We can hear yippy noises and moans coming from behind the doors. (Sylvene says it sounds like a demonic orgy.) We blocked at least one of the side doors, locking in whatever critters were in there, but were attacked by several gnolls and a hell hound regardless. However, we did kill them with ease.

We then proceeded to assault the main room, which has a wizard, a warlock, a spell-casting goblin, and a bearded devil. There is a portal at the back of the room that appears to lead someplace unsavory. After a tense fight, we killed everything, but the bearded devil said something to me right before it died. I am unsure of the importance of what it said, but I am mildly concerned I may have been cursed. (We leveled to 4.)

After the fight, we examine the bodies more closely, and find a number of things – most notably, some minor magic items, several symbols of Bane, and some gems.

Loot Log Info:
(Obsidian Portal doesn’t appear to do expandy thingies, so I’ll move loot info into a separate post later.)

  • We find a small pile of gold.
  • A pile of platinum laced ribbon and fine cloth and other robe-making stuff. The cloth was imported from a halfling city near Athkatla; it’s fairly rare.
  • A gold ring (of jumping).
  • The goblin had a wand (wand of web) and a mask made from tempered glass, child-sized – arcane focus, pact mask.
  • There is a patchwork robe that took no damage somehow – robe of useful items (6 patches – one each of the other patches. 6 patches are portable ram, pit, iron door, riding horse, window, 4 potions of healing).
  • A series of gems on the wizard. (Amber, amethyst, 3 jade, 5 pearls.)
  • Three spell scrolls of lightning bolt, knock, and blur, as well as a wand (lightning bolt).
  • Symbols of Bane.

The barking in the other room has quieted down now, perhaps due to exhaustion, perhaps due to not wanting to draw our attention. We take a long rest to recuperate. Some of the others seem disquieted by spending a prolonged period in the same room as the portal.

It’s at this point where the cleric displays a shocking lack of judgment and uses the Banite greatsword to attack the portal. I feel that given the time, a better solution could have been found. As the portal is destroyed, some visions appear; one of which is the head of a merchant house and brothel owner in Athkatla, as designated by her sash. Feathery wings unfurl around her as she sneers as Illiana destroys the portal. I got the distinct impression that she’s his enemy now. At the last strike of the sword against the portal, the sword cracks slightly, and a bright red light, a strong scent of sulfur, and heat comes pouring out of the portal. Unfortunately, we were all standing too close when this happened. I will endeavor to stay further away if the cleric has another such lapse in the future. However, the drow tiefling was impressed with Illiana’s actions. I was not.

(Both Illiana’s and Sari’s gods are pleased with their actions, but that’s no one’s business but their own.)

(Below are my rough notes. I will spruce this up a bit either later tonight or over the weekend. Kala needs sleepy naptimes now.)

Heading back Upstairs

The dragon born is ordering the kobolds to move the bodies. Drow is named Three, because he was the third in a series of experiments.

Blue dragon born has a nasty looking serrated sword and is wearing a choker. We smooshed everything and went upstairs twice.

We meet a dwarf who looks like a caretaker for the dead. There were also some giant silverfish.

We found two bottles of wine from Athkatla, two gems worth 50gp, fist sized smokey quartz (with moving smoke) – air elemental gem – toss to the ground and poof elemental, super gaudy warhammer (dwarf’s first warhammer) – +1 wh with broken enchantment – I think it’s been mentioned in a story – there are little bits of an invisibility spell (maybe). Insect eggs, with about 3-5 weeks to hatch. Worth some money (ew). We found some document regarding a ceasing of hostilities with Bane forces.

Back to town

Syl sells the radioactive gems to a very excitable gnome who can’t wait to run tests on it.

Pel and Kargron meet a seer at their stall that can’t read tea leaves very well and tells them they will find someone they lost or they might be lost themselves? Or maybe they’ll find someone who needs to go away. Also informs them they need to go see Salma?

Kargron meets Salma, who tells him:
1 She will finally testify near a fortress during spring.
2 The attractive hangman shall rejuvenate in a time of unity.
3 A journey must not happen at the beginning.
4 A parting of ways shall not take place near a portal.
5 A meeting must happen in abandoned ruins in the age of greed.

The portal is out (4), so the meeting has to happen instead (5). And doesn’t know if (5) is an alternate or requirement now. Kargron will be involved in 5. He was told to “look for their lights” when going after the Mordrem. “No one else can see them, but they have tiny lights around them.”

Grobin is discovering that the drow tiefling we met apparently doesn’t have a very good reputation. And is possibly a Cambian. Calista will try to hook him up with a client.

I meet an Athkatlan …merchant / adventurer? Probably an air genossi. She’s got light blue skin and is very pretty. Two problems: churches and Mordrem. There’s mines to the south that are being interrupted / sabotaged.

Pick quest:
Source of Modrem, who is feeding information. (break a glass)
Check into Theo’s work – illusionist. (Callista)
Never seen a follower of Ilmater be a necromancer – Alban. (leave a note)

Will provide us with small trinkets or money. Or armor or weapons, maybe even enchanted, for bounty hunter.

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