Yalon Tenebrae

Current Head of the Lyceum Argentum; Mage of Conjuration


Yalon is in charge of the Sphere of Conjuration in the Lyceum Argentum, and at the moment, he is also the overall leader of the Lyceum. He stepped up during the current Threat of Perfection (the ongoing Modron attacks), taking over from Founder Hidayah. Due to his extensive knowledge of planar lore and obvious comfort giving orders, the other mages have accepted him in this role.

Yalon is quite clearly a tiefling, whose pale skin has purple streaks running through it, and horns like those of a ram curling back over his head. He is solidly good-aligned (the Eye would not likely have accepted him into her Lyceum, had he not been), and a devout follower of Mystra. He’s fairly laid-back and confident, and it’s difficult to tell whether his comfort with power is due to a military background or a noble one – and he’s not particularly forthcoming on the topic.

When he wields his power (magical, political, or battlefield), he is not at all subtle about it – the other mages tend to view him as a walking PR stunt, but nobody can deny that he’s competent.

Yalon Tenebrae

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