Ristel Coborel

Mage of Enchantment


Perhaps the most exotic of the Lyceum’s members, Ristel is a drow from the city Cormyr. A diplomat by trade, he wears the sash of the Purple Dragon Knights. He’s big on personal freedom, helping people figure out who they are, and giving them new experiences; he uses enchantment as a tool in this regard, and is quite strict about magical ethics. As a result, he is one of the stuffy uptight mages who disapprove of Theo’s baser practices.

Given that Ristel still bears scars from the Spellplague, it’s likely that he’s around (at least?) 400 years old, and he’s shown that he hasn’t wasted those years in purely magical pursuits – like many drow, he is quite combat capable. Because he’s exotic, there are endless rumors about his love affairs with basically everyone else in the Lyceum, but like Theo, he is very close-lipped. He is one of the few Lyceum members who does not currently have an apprentice.

Ristel Coborel

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