Magistra Navarra Dyernina

Mage of Evocation


Navarra is the honorary Mother of the Lyceum and of Herenton at large. She is often referred to as “Magistra”, “Magister Mama”, “Mama Witch”, or similar affectionate honorifics. She is a human woman past child-bearing age, with her long silver hair always bound up in a single braid. She’s a Rashemi witch-woman and doesn’t mind being called “witch”, because these poor uneducated folk don’t know her proper title, and “witch” is the best they can do.

Navarra gained some serious fighting prowess in harsh combat against Thayans, and brought her knowledge of Rashemi skirmish-style fighting to Herenton. She has no particular prejudices against any race except Thayans (which she’ll tell you isn’t prejudice, it’s common sense), and this willingness to give anyone a chance is why she’s not in charge of vetting potential apprentices. This lack of prejudice is also why she doesn’t restrict herself to mere fireballs; she is perfectly capable of using all of the elements equally.

Magistra Navarra Dyernina

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