Dale Bascombe

Mage of Transmutation


Dale is well-known throughout both Herenton and Athkatla as a shrewd businessman and part-time cleric of Waukeen, in addition to his work within the Lyceum. His primary business interest in Athkatla has been precious gems and metals, and he has a number of dwarven and rock-gnomish business associates as a result. He initially found his way to the Lyceum by setting up a trade caravan from Athkatla, but the ideals of the Lyceum resonated with him, so he stayed. These days he’s the Lyceum’s head of logistics, and while he does still frequently have business in Athkatla, he’s shifted his focus to the growing economy here in Herenton.

Around town, he’s become known for wandering around offering magic to anyone who needs it, helping out with any and all projects…and then charging for his services. On the other hand, those who are new to town and not yet settled will find that he’s almost always willing to use his clerical spells on their behalf free of charge. He’s taken over the artisan’s guild locally, and is working on establishing a stable internal economy. He’s often thought of as “more merchant than mage”, though his spells would tend to indicate otherwise.

The general consensus in town is that he’s surprisingly good-natured for a penny-pinching son of a bitch.

Dale Bascombe

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