Alban Mandeville

Mage of Necromancy


In his mid-twenties, half-elven Alban is the youngest member of the Lyceum. Despite this, he is one of the more stern mages, holding himself and any apprentice he takes on to a higher standard of morality and academic rigor. He is a Lawful Good follower of Illmater, shouldering the burden of necromantic knowledge so that weaker-minded mages don’t have to.

He is constantly in the process of interviewing potential apprentices, but has not yet found one, and it’s been long enough that some of the other mages were beginning to wonder if he really just doesn’t want one. He does, in fact, want an apprentice, but he has rigorous tests and high standards that most candidates are unable to pass. He firmly believes that the forces of good should not forbid necromancy, as doing so would inevitably mean that only those evil enough to practice it would be able to defend against it – but he’s not willing to teach it to anyone that’s unworthy.

Despite his abundance of caution, Alban isn’t nearly as uptight as his elven parent, due to an upbringing among humans in Athkatla. He is stern and serious most of the time, but out of necessity, rather than inclination, and he is rarely harsh – just immovable.

Alban Mandeville

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